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Kevin Green | 15.01.2002 21:57

A new initiative to establish a community and workers coalition plans a community conference in March; pamphlet available in PDF format.

If you click on the link below you'll download a pdf - it is a working document produced in Hackney after discussions with a wide range of campaigners. It will be discussed at a community confernece which it is hoped will be held on Saturday 2 March.the aim is to establish an community and workers coalition capable of achieveing the following programme;
A community programme for action
1. We want genuine democratic accountability of institutions within our community.
2. We want an end to racism, the oppression of women and the persecution of minorities within our community.
3. We want to preserve and improve the quality of public services to our community, including those currently provided by private contractors.
4. We want somewhere where our children can play in safety, and we want affordable cultural and recreational provision for all.
5. We want full employment at a living wage for every member of our community.
6. We want affordable housing fit for human habitation for every member of our community.
7. We want appropriate educational and training opportunities for all members of our community.
8. We want the implementation of a health plan for our community that tackles the causes of illness as well as providing relief for the sick.
9. We want a community-based programme to combat the gun culture and violent crime levels in Hackney.
10. We want to develop working relationships and alliances with communities facing similar problems to our own.

In short, we want a comprehensive regeneration plan for Hackney that is democratically accountable, which recognises and values the diversity of our community and which meets our employment, educational, housing, health and social needs.

Kevin Green
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