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Civil Liberties under attack - public meeting in Swindon

Andy newman | 30.03.2004 16:59 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | Oxford

This is the press release from Swindon Stop the War Coalition:
meeting 6th April, 7:30 pm - Friends Meeting House


Swindon Stop the War Coalition has organised a public meeting to discuss the impact on civil liberties of the war on terror. The meeting will be at 7:30 on Tuesday 6th April at Friends Meeting House, Eastcott Hill.
Matt Foot, a civil liberties lawyer from Fishers solicitors in London will address the meeting. Matt successfully acted for British protesters arrested at the anti-globalisation protests in Genoa, Italy in 2002.
The organisers believe that many of our traditional democratic freedoms are being eroded in the name of fighting terrorism.
Secretary of the Swindon group, Andy Newman, hopes that people will come and debate whether giving up our democratic rights is necessary. “After the terrible bombings in Spain, everyone is understandably anxious to prevent similar atrocities here. However, we still need to question what the government is doing. Not only are British subjects being held without charge in Guantanamo Bay, but 22 people are also held in Belmarsh prison in the UK. We don’t know if they are innocent or guilty, because they have not even been accused of any specific crime! The government is also seeking to curtail our rights to democratic demonstrations through the Civil Contingencies Bill”
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