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May Day Festival in Lancaster: come join in!

Lancaster IMC | 30.03.2004 19:20 | May Day 2004

Spectacles come and go; some things never change, some do. They may shift, they may hibernate or migrate, but Mayday is here to stay, ehh?

!Lancaster Mayday festival: CALL FOR ACTION!

Bored on Mayday? No need. Have a look here:
( and -

...........or come to Lancaster for a Festival...........

Preliminary programme:

*There'll be music Fri and Sat night, a picnic on Sat after the Mayday March, an afternoon of workshops, displays, food, films etc in the Gregson Sunday afternoon.

*Some flyers are already floating about town.

*Lancaster Anarchist Group have set all this in motion but would really like more people to get involved in organising/helping out during the weekend.

*Some ideas that came out of yesterdays meeting was:

*Food not Bombs on Saturday in town and/or during the picnic

*banner drops

*display boards in town centre on Sat about stuff such as the history of mayday, worker self-organisation, direct action, anti-fascism (whatever people want really)

*radical bookstall in town/at picnic/in the greggie on Sunday

*swapshop stall with interesting books/pamphlets

*radical(-ising) videos on Sunday in Greggie (Argentina film, make film with bits from recent Menwith Hill, GM & Blackwood actions)

*anything else people want to do.

All this needs people to get involved. If you're up for anything/have any other ideas, please get in touch:

Looking for inspiration?

Mayday Archive:

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and more of this sort of thing please:

Lancaster IMC
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