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'Mass Lone Protest' around Parliament

no-war | 14.09.2006 11:43 | SOCPA | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Discussion of a 'Mass Lone Protest' to circumvent the idiocy of the SOCPA act


Challenging the laws that forbid protest within a mile of parliament
has never been so much fun. The idea here is to weigh the cops down
with paper work so they themselves put pressure on the government to
repeal this draconian and ridiculous laws. here's the craic:

1. You can have a protest with one person on it if you seek and get
written permission from the cops.

2. There is always a demo at Parliament Square (Brian Haw, five years
plus and counting)

3. There is nothing to stop, say, a thousand people applying for a

4. Even if they are all at the same time.

5. If you were to, perhaps, have a demo about the War on Iraq at 6pm
and then want to protest against, say, really small demos at 6.30pm,
you should apply separately for each demo.

6. Otherwise you'd be breaking the law.

7. Laws obviously shouldn't be broken.

8. If 150 people all applied for two demos and all turned up at
Charing Cross police station to hand in their applications at the same
time, people would notice.

9. The police people would notice even more.

10. Weirdly this has already happened.

11. Even stranger - it's about to happen again.

To get a real idea of the event, see the report on:
and other ones linked to from there.

*Mass Lone Demo

organised by, amongst others, Mark Thomas, CAMPACC and more

Download your forms from:

Hand in forms:
*/Charing Cross police station Friday 15th September from 6pm/*

Mass Lone Demo:
*/Parliament Square Friday 22nd September 6pm./* *



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