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The Art of War

Og | 14.09.2006 10:15 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Palestine | Repression

Likud threatens Latuff

The Likud Party are after Latuff’s blood, so he must be doing something right! Carlos Latuff is a brilliant Brazilian cartoonist, who stands accused of advocating another Holocaust for exposing Israel’s crimes against Palestine in his artwork. Any criticism of the Jewish State is deemed “anti-Semitic” and Latuff has carved a career out of it.

His anti-Zionist portfolio portrays the IDF desecrating holy places, massacring innocents and attacking ambulances. He depicts the obscene wall and the immorality of Israeli leaders, which is not to Likud’s liking. The illogical conclusion they draw from this is, that Latuff wants a ‘final solution’ and President Ahmadinejad will oblige.

In truth, Latuff only wants Israeli’s to stop killing Arabs and live peaceably with their neighbours, but Likud want him “taken care of” and not with a comfortable salary and apartment in Rio de Janeiro, they mean, “one way or another” by the Mossad. They say, “he is a top player in the Iranian evil industry” and compare him to Goebbels!

Israeli’s believe the Holocaust gives them immunity from condemnation and they have risen to the occasion, with international support. Their allies paint a rosy picture of poor little persecuted Israel defending itself from Palestinian sticks and stones, with F-16’s. Likud laments that their enemies are part of “a gigantic genocide industry.”

They acknowledge Latuff’s “awesome graphic talent” but claim he is doing more damage to Israel than WMD’s and poisoning a generation with his propaganda on the World Wide Web. Likud accuse him of incitement and attempted murder and say, “Israeli carelessness on the information front is not acceptable and can't go on.”

Latuff is brave enough to stand up for Palestinians in their struggle against the Zionist entity, so we should be brave enough to defend his freedom of speech and thought. The Likud Party’s slurs and death threats will only give him more material for his cartoons, which he urges people to use freely. It is up to us to take up this offer.

If Carlos Latuff is hit by a Ryder truck mounting the pavement, you will know that he has been “taken care off” but that will only serve to prove that his caricatures are accurate and Israel is a pariah state whose existence depends upon murdering opponents. Latuff says, they can silence him with a bullet, but they will never silence his art.