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Dutch CIA-agent turns whistleblower (fact or fiction ?)

openminded | 30.01.2004 11:20 | Bush 2003 | Analysis | World

I've seen this out on other IMC sites. Can anyone confirm if all the fact disclosed are truthfull, or are the claims just what some people would want us to think ?

Dutch CIA-agent turns whistleblower
25th of January 2004 / Brussels, Europe

A Dutch forum propagandist by the appropriate name of Eddy_Smith has responded to his personal moral qualms by announcing the end of his service. He is no longer ready to assume his lying, distorting and ridiculing function as a CIA-paid propagandist. Eddy_Smith (real name unknown) has been doing his work on the readers' forum of Belgian weekly magazine Knack for over two years. As one of the several propagandists working there, his task was to discredit any contributions that did not fall into place with the Bush agenda. This ranges from ridiculing alternative views on 9/11 up to prevention of public inquiries into the CIA's work in Belgium. In short, he was a spook, a spy, an agent in disguise of a genuine internaut, like so many others who have infiltrated the world wide web since Bush Sr. took over the CIA in 2000. Ever since he joined the forum, Eddy was suspected to be working on behalf of the CIA , and I know several others are still performing the same duties, there and on so many other forums on the www.

However, Eddy_Smith developed a conscience. He says he is not ready to perform this lying and deceiving effort any longer, by a grown preoccupation with the world's future under this totalitarian CIA government. In the same declaration, his insider information comes out:

"Bush is a puppet controlled by big money.(...) Not only by big money, but also by certain individuals (World Destroyers).(...) My whole life I have admired science. I think it's wonderful that ESA has detected water on Mars. It's a sign that we are not alone in the universe.
I remember the sounds of the first landing on the Moon. I was there watching it live on TV in the night of the 20th on the 21st of July 1969. (...) It was a nice time, but behind many nice things hide dark realities. Werner Von Braun was project leader. The United States took him from Germany, together with his V2s. Stolen knowledge.
I always thought the Germans were the brain behind all crimes, the murder of so many millions of innocent Jews. That's mainly correct. But IBM and the Rockefellers have equally interfered. From punch card to eugenetics. IBM has been located in Germany since 1922. The enterprise was called Dehomag and in 1934 the director held a speech to high-ranking nazis in which he promised them to put all characteristics from populations on small cards. Dehomag gave the nazis punching card machines called 'Holleriths' which were used to register Jews.
Even before the nazis took power scientists were developing methods to promote the white race. The Rockefeller foundation was funding German eugenetic research in the Kaiser Wilhelm Institut in Berlin and the American quest for the perfect race in Cold Harbor Springs. IBM's role is a scandal!
On 9/11 the most disgraceful event in human history took place. The CIA, FBI, the Rockefeller foundation together with some extremist Jesuit and Christian groups, staged the attack on the World Trade Center complex. Bush was informed and initially didn't even react. He knew everything, showed no compassion with the innocent victims and their families. He only did so when advised.
Israel and the Rockefellers were the brain, Saudi-Arabia let some radicals do the dirty work and the CIA had to make sure everything went smoothly. But they failed! They were regular family men, not trained by Mossad!
Explosives were put to the WTC tower structures and were indeed used on one of them. (Why? The US and Israel want to get power over the whole world.)
Only one president in the US dared to go against this. (JF-Kennedy).
They wanted to stage an attack by Cuba on the United States, more precisely on the American fleet, but Kennedy resisted it. He had to pay with his life, killed in cold blood by the CIA.
As far as countries like Syria, Iran etc, they will be the next point on Bush' agenda. It's too early. Iraq was most logical. As there were no prohibited weapons (which was known in advance), in the year 2005 Bush will challenge and attack these countries and others of which I don't know.
You think Bush won't be reelected? Then the next president will HAVE to obey the CIA, or he won't live through 3 days.
Saudi-Arabia is already COMPLETELY in the hands of the US, with the help of, guess who, bin Laden.
I'm afraid for our political and ecological future. We live on a time bomb. The next step will be another staged attack on an American city. The only way to give Bush the presidency in November 2004. But it's too soon for that, this will happen in autumn.(...)
Those who wish to ridicule me, with pleasure; observe, investigate, and draw your own conclusions! I made a fool of my SELF for more than a year.(...)
Best regards
Eddy Smith"

'Emichiel', another agent on the forum occupied with fossil energy and anti-renewables propaganda, responded five minutes later:

"What conclusions will you draw for yourself now, Eddy, and how is this going to affect your life and that of your family?"

This was obviously intended as a threat. To blow the whistle on the agency is not really appreciated by the CIA, even not by 'small potatoes' like an internet infiltrator.

Eddy_Smith responded:

"I'm only a human being who made some silly declarations, because this will do me more harm than good! But sometimes a CONSCIENCE hurts and I must say, this can not go on!
I can't continue to live in lies, Emichiel!
Even if my life is at stake. If nobody does something we will all perish!"


"My family's life will not change, Michiel. They will make a fool out of me!"

Eddy_Smith's moral guilt can be considered as a hopeful sign that agents are able to change their life if they want to. For them to engage in more fruitful occupations than lies and spin only demands that they become even more courageous, strong, and moral persons than they were while performing their functions. Life is not merciful on those who lie for a living, certainly not in the later stages. The bloodshed of so many Americans which the CIA has on its hands is impossible to justify. It will surely come back to haunt those who erroneously cooperate with its plotters. If they don't get out in time, like their colleague who redeemed himself, there is no guarantee at all for their future well-being.

The original thread in the forum, which Eddy_Smith gave the title 'How to stop Bush and the CIA?' in the Dutch magazine Knack, is available here.



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