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"Stuff London - Back Paris instead!"

A Frenchman | 20.02.2005 00:57 | Free Spaces | Indymedia | London

Paris 2012 a much better, cleaner city to hold the Olympics

"Stuff London - Back Paris instead!"
"Stuff London - Back Paris instead!"

On Saturday protesters to the London bid were seen down at Stratford station handing out leaflets opposing the London bid and after seeing the various places and sites that will be bulldozed to make way for a few athletes, some of whom will be using performance enhancing drugs cause their a bunch of fucking cheating cunts are going to be housed while all those who are living in local cooperative housing will either end up homeless or in expensive poxy damp accomodation so that Seb fucking Coe and the rest of the London Bid shits can have their games here in 2012.

Many of the green area sites will be bulldozed over to make way for a bloody stadium while many of the residents including several gypsie traveller sites will be evicted so that they can build housing for the fucking snobs while many of the working class residents will end up dumped elsewhere, yet some simple minded residents living in the London Borough of Newham like those three or four individuals ripping up the leaflets shouting out that they wanted the bid because there will be better housing for all, you fools if you actually had brains you'd be dangerous, how many times have the working classes been fucked over by the rich and their enforcers "The Police?"

Paris is a much better place to hold the games, its city would make a mockery of London on how clean its streets are, our streets are always full of litter and those dumping unwanted furniture and other rubbish they can't be botherd to call up the council to remove.

East London really is a shithole, yet all last week before the Olympic Committee arrived, there they were cleaning and clearing up all around Stratford Station, yet these same people don't bother to do it all year round, then there are the fucking drug dealing scum plying their evil trade all around the Stratford Station area and outside by the buses, there are many street robberies constantly happening by the bus stands and shopping centre and on Saturday they had set up a small ice skating rink where those wishing to use had to pay between £7.00 and £10.00 for half an hours skating, so at least some wanker is going to profit out of Saturday and it won't be those residents who think the bid in London will bring them all they desire.

Did last years Olympics do the working class greeks any favours? Course not, all those who were homeless were forced out of the city and hidden and now they are back on the streets of Athens.

It will be all of us the residents in the three host boroughs "Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets" who'll have our council tax increased to pay for these shit games in London.

What's really amusing is the fact that we have advertised all over Stratford Station "London, Back the Bid" and knowing that the Olympics is linked to sport and the million times over the intercom on Stratford station they announce that there is no smoking permitted anywhere on Stratford station including the Silverlink, yet many passengers can't be botherd to listen or to abide by the rules on smoking on Stratford station, so why should London be allowed to host the Olympics 2012?

The Olympic games is all about fitness, health and sport so no smokers need apply and that ladies and gentlemen is why I personally am supporting the Paris bid and also because I think Seb Coe is a 24 hour 7 days a week 5 knuckle shuffler (A WANKER)


A Frenchman