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Coalition Of Women for Peace | 04.10.2003 13:36 | Repression | World

On the website of the Coalition of Women for Peace: Thoughts for Yom Kipur * Host A Refuser! * 3 Years of Intifada Data * Reserve Pilots To Refuse Liquidations * Who Won (Gush Salom) * Electronic Intifada * and many more

Coalition of Women for Peace

Thoughts for Yom Kippur…
Bereavement as Israeli Ethos: Remembering My Brothers by Anat Yisraeli

Host A Refuser! in the US

3 Years of Intifada – Data

Reserve Pilots To Refuse Liquidations

B'Tselem: new newspaper 02/10/2003

Sharon, With Eyes Wide Open

The Trial Of The Five

International and Palestinian Women Tear Gassed at Wall Protest in Tulkarem

Off with their heads!

Folly Taken To A Scale We Haven't Seen Since WWII

WHO WON? / Gush Shalom October 3, 2003
Now it is clear to everybody: the fence is being built solely for the sake of the settlers.

Sharon intends to build it around all major settlements next year, when Bush will be busy with the elections.

The fence will steal billions of shekels from the poor, the disabled, the unemployed and the one-parent mothers in Israel.

The fence will destroy the livelihood of hundred of thousands Palestinians.

The fence will imprison all Palestinians in dozens of enclaves.

It will not bring us security. It will only bring more and more hatred and suffering.

Electronic Intifada: Launched 23 February 2001, EI bases its view
of the conflict on the foundations of universal human rights and
international law.>

1 October 2003: Thousands
of protesters demanding an end to the occupation of Iraq and Palestine took
to the streets Saturday in London, Athens, Paris and other cities around the
world, chanting slogans against the United States and Britain.

Coalition of Women for Peace
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