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Direct action against the war: London, Thursday lunchtime

anon too | 01.08.2006 23:21 | Lebanon War 2006 | Anti-militarism | Repression | London

Tonight's direct action planning meeting at the LSE attracted a wide cross-section of people, and was not without difficulties (as posted by someone at, but a plan for immediate action did emerge, and the machinery to facilitate further direct action was initiated. Details of an action called for this Thursday follow:

Thursday 3rd August - meet at Gilbert Street by Bond Street tube at 1pm.

Bring banners, stuff for a noise demo (post, pans, drums?), fake blood(?), anything else you feel might be apt.

A group of people will be targetting an Israeli arms company in the vicinity, highlighting its role in the current situation.

Come and participate - bring ideas, creativity, enthusiasm, anger, whatever.

Follow up meeting, provisionally planned at Rampart social centre, Rampart Street, London E1, on Sunday at 3pm. Please check Indymedia nearer the time to confirm this. This meeting is to discuss and plan future direct actions including one at Brize Norton military base on the 12th.

Also come on the Stop The War Coalition march this Saturday. Its route is from Hyde Park, passing the U.S. embassy, through Trafalgar Square, to Downing Street and to Parliament Square. come prepared for more than just marching.

anon too


The police will harrass and arrest loads of people!

02.08.2006 10:19

Unless vast numbers of people turn up for this action which is highly unlikely then the police will strongly harrass and arrest loads of people taking part! Remember what happened at the last three Mayday days of action before they were ambandoned. Right from the start large numbers of police will be there taking pictures of everyone attending the action and will then encircle the group of activists like they did at the Mayday anti-capitalist actions. Asking people to turn up for small actions like thisand risk arrest and possible injury from thuggish police is stupid!

Remember what happened at the Mayday actions!

Who said this would be small?

02.08.2006 11:06

Thanks for your constructive criticism, but at the planning meeting there were up to a hundred people, most of whom were up for this action. Since then, it has been widely dissemminated.

So what happens tomorrow?

Lots of people turn up. Noise demo goes ahead. Some press are invited - public see mass 'unauthorised' demo - inspires others to do more than just march A to B.

OR, Police over-react. Invited press get newsworthy pictures. Story of police repression of demo against Israeli arms company. Public gets even angrier.

Seems like Win-Win to me.

Maybe you can do more by staying at home, I don't know.

anon too