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Respect Community Forum - Another Education is Possible

peacenik | 22.03.2007 10:34 | Education | Cambridge

Respect Community Forum - Another Education is Possible
7.30pm Tuesday 27th March
Ross Street Community Centre

Terry Wrigley, Author of 'Another Education is Possible' will talk about the current education situation and the sort of education we are fighting for. Terry will be joined by UCU activist Jill Eastland and Respect Candidate Tom Woodcock.

Whilst the government spends billions on illegal wars, nuclear weapons and the olympic games, education provision is shrinking. There are fewer opportunities for people of all ages. Resources and staffing for Special Educational Needs have been cut in the primary and secondary sectors; A-levels have been cut at CRC; evening classes at Long Road and courses at Anglia Ruskin have been axed; and student fees are making university a less viable option, especially for working class students.

Gordon Jayes, the Director of Young People’s Services in Cambridge, has made it clear that he wants business and the market to play a greater role in schools.

Plans to build new schools may lead to City Academies, as well as Trust and Foundation schools which give private companies more of a foothold in the 'education market'. Profit again is being put before people.

We want to ensure that schools are not only accountable to the local community but that the whole community’s needs are met. As Cambridge expands we need clear plans to ensure that everyone has access to education.

We are fighting back. We want to build an education system that can develop a society in which war, poverty and environmental destruction are not the status quo. Come and get involved in the debate and discussion at our next community forum. Join the fight for a good local school for every child and life long learning for all!

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