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George Bush Should Be Arrested In Calgary, Canada

Johnny Canuck | 22.02.2009 17:32 | Anti-militarism | Terror War | World

"While legal perils swirl around George W Bush's White House lawyers for their role in empowering torturers, Bush will cross an international border--possibly for the first time--as a free and private citizen." Bush should be arrested for war crimes, in Canada, March 17

"I really hope he shows up in the flight suit. He can also in good conscience, bring along that banner he once courageously blamed on sailors because this time his mission really is accomplished. It's hard being a stranger to those accomplishments--international law and a nation's image disembowelled, untold billions cast to the winds, cronies rewarded and the best be damned. Civilians incinerated by liberty bombs while it's others who are the terrorists.."

Bush will speak to a "private gathering" of 1500 at the Telus Convention Center in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on March 17. During the recent Obama visit to Ottawa, Canada's Peace Alliance did not mobilize for any protests. Let us hope Canada's notoriously weak anti-war movement doesn't also miss this one:
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Arrest George Bush in Calgary, Canada on March 17, 2009
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Johnny Canuck
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