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Look... Community Talk On African British history and Racism & 'White' Jesus

Kwaku | 02.04.2015 04:18 | Anti-racism | History | Migration | London

One year on from the Look How Far We’'ve Come: Getting Racism Back On The Agenda? Conference, BTWSC and African Histories Revisited (AHR) return to the Abbey Centre in Westminster, for a special three-in-one event on May 14.

Look DVD Launch Teaser
Look DVD Launch Teaser

The Look How Far We've Come Community Talk & DVD Launch/Is Jesus White? event provides a forum for discussing African British history, racism and any topical societal issues, plus a post-Easter presentation on a historical analysis of the portrayal of a "white" Jesus.

The event, which takes place 6-9pm, consists of a) 'Is Jesus White?' presentation, highlighting religion & identity; b) 'Look How Far We've Come Community Talk' screening and post-screening discussion, highlighting racism, and other political and societal issues; and c) the release of the 'Look How Far We've Come: Commentaries On British Society And Racism?' DVD highlighting history & racism.

Campaign Against Racial Discrimination (CARD) founding member and educationalist Dame Jocelyn Barrow is the guest of honour. Special guests will be drawn from the diverse Look... project contributors, which includes the likes of David Lammy MP, Diane Abbott MP, Darcus & Leila Howe, Keith Vaz MP, Ken Livingstone, Lord Anthony Lester, Lord Bill Morris, Lord Herman Ouseley, Lord John Taylor, Prof Paul Gilroy, and Bristol Bus Boycott leader Paul Stephenson.

The event also marks the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 1965 Race Relations Act. There will also be limited stalls available.

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