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Media Hacklab meeting this Sunday 3rd

asa | 29.09.2004 22:57 | Free Spaces | Technology | London

At 5pm this Sunday the 3rd of October there will be an open meeting of the Media Hacklab. It will take place upstairs in the reading room of the Ramparts social centre: 15-17 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA (nearest tube Shadwell).

At the Media Hacklab we now finaly have working internet access. Currently, we have enough volunteers on our rota to keep the Hacklab open every Saturday till the end of October. Please come along to the meeting if you find this project interesting and would like to get involved, or just want to find out more.

The agenda is being constructed colaberatively online using our wiki. Feel free to add anything to it you'd like to raise:

The Media Hacklab Based at the Freedom Press bookshop and social centre in the east end of London is an open computer lab with free internet access. Going beyond the preponderance of internet cafes, Hacklabs are political spaces used for alternative media, the use and development of free software and other emancipatory technologies, skill sharing and collective learning, community projects and anything else we can organise. The projects that happen there will be limited only by the commitment of those involved.

Media Hacklab at Freedom Press Bookshop

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