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Fasting in London in the last week of Ramadaan

© MUHAMMAD HAQUE | 30.10.2005 12:16 | Analysis | Globalisation | London | World

The month of Ramadaan is about to end... marked by Eid al Fitr .. not meant to be an excuse for excess or indulgence but for sharing the wealth and the means with others for an equitable and humane community and world.... while the BBC continues to neglect the victims of the Pakistan quake and undermines attempted ties between India and Pakistan.....

I am fasting in the last week of Ramadaan in London
aware that across the world a hectic scramble is on
involving mostly those with cash to display and spend
not at all to do with fasting but more to do with its end
that is treated by those spenders as an excuse to indulge
forgetting that this Eid forbids fasters so greedily to indulge
encuraging in fact to share a minimum portion of their wealth
backing the creation of a humane society in ethical health
I am fasting in London in a week of preparatory miseducation
set off by profiteers pushing fireworks rather than education

I am fasting in London today to also observe the manifesto
following which I do not expect to land in office a gusto
I am fasting in London today to solemnly renew the vow
to spend the next year as consciously as I am doing now
I am fasting in London where they remembered that Dyer
via the biased Tulley PR to deny the full truth and the dire
dastardly colonialist fabrication they are putting on air today
I am fasting amid such poverty of soul so rampant everyday
I am fasting as the media is held by the liars’ secret club
I am hungry for a truthful media to replace the liars’ club

I am fasting after suffering the lies of ‘upallnight’ on Radio five
amazed that the BBC is ‘funded by me’ ‘to lie on tape and as live’!
as they did with that remarkably evil interview with a ‘Dr’ so and so
who spewed out lies, failed to back the quake victims and had a go
at the reported negotiations between two neighbours in south Asia
as the “Dr” feigned proximity to the Pentagon agenda, not to Asia
while issuing his catalogue of hatred from a USA base in Georgia
I am fasting as the BBC carry on their assault on the world ‘Ummah’

0750 Hrs GMT
Sunday 30 October 2005
27 Ramadaan 1426 AH



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