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Talk/Discussion on F.I.E.S & Italian repression at Cowley Club, Brighton

cossas | 31.10.2005 03:57 | Repression | South Coast


Repression and resistance in Italy.



In this last two years anarchist comrades and groups were raided, persecuted, arrested and accused to be the most dangerous enemy. Government, media want to sell the idea that we’re under the menace of anarcho-insurrectional terrorism.
But, as always, far from the spotlights, the real terror operates everyday in the name of the State, to protect the interests of Capital. This terror consists of over-exploitation of the immigrants, permitted only to stay if they accept the worst condition of living. Any who are surplus to the needs of Capital are detained in temporary prisons (CPT) and then expulsed back to the countries they have fled. Terror consists also in the transformation of cities into enormous ghettos, in the exploitation of the last of the natural resources, in the continuous state of warfare…
An example is the city of Turin, where there will be the Olympic Winter Games in February 2006: There are raids against immigrants, military protections of Olympic sites, machines everywhere, 3 squats evicted. But, meanwhile, the resistance of an entire valley – Valsusa – against the megaproject of the T.A.V. (High Speed Train) is growing.


F.I.E.S Struggle

It is now two years that our anarchist comrades detained in Barcelona have struggled together with other prisoners to denounce the inhumanity of this high security prison regime.

What is happening? Who are the Barcelona 6?

Stop Isolation / Dispersal / Torture

Stop F.I.E.S

Comrades from Barcelona and Italy are here to appeal for solidarity.

7pm The Cowley Club
12 London Road