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Palestine Solidarity-Oaxacan Libertarians Arrested

Sevastopol | 03.01.2009 22:04 | Palestine | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Anarchists and libertarians arrested as they march in solidarity with Gaza. Solidarity actions needed urgently.

About an hour ago Oaxacan police attacked a march taking place in solidarity with the oppressed in Gaza. Several comrades have been arrested including 3 from the group libertarian group VOCAL, which has already had several comrades imprisoned for their oppostion to the fascist government of Ulises Ruiz.
Calls for solidarity actions to demand their immediate release hae been recieved.
Updates to follow.

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03.01.2009 22:14

Latest is that 25 activists have been arrested.

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All freed

04.01.2009 10:11

All have now been freed, though with fines, following the mobilisation of Section 22 of the Teacher's Union in their support.