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police brutality

anon | 04.01.2009 00:17 | Palestine | Repression

police brutality once more in london

during the anti gaza massacre todau afternoon the police attack the protesters sending one person with bad head injurys to hospital.. the protesters in any moment try to do any violent attack to the plice but once more the finest of the metropolitan police attack the demo ..once in the embassy more police attacks happen sending another person to hospital least 10 persons got beaten up badly by cops ..2 of them 14 years old girls .....for the cops reaction they enjoy it once after the attack they start laughing same point muslin people start praying and again police start laughing the end of the demo they pened around 70 people and one by one with there picture take it and search they release the crowd .....more that 150 police was in the action ...IMAGINE HOW MUCH THEY SPEND in this kind of action ...???????? once more they prove why people have the universal word for police PIGS .......... murderers in uniform ..carlos guiliani jean charles de menezes alexandros and many many more ..........AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY RESISTANCE NOW AND ALWAYS



2 injured that I saw

04.01.2009 00:43

baton whacked near Piccadilly underpass
baton whacked near Piccadilly underpass

spinal injury suspected in Ken High St
spinal injury suspected in Ken High St

Bystanders stated that both of these were caused by police batons.

Many more pics (471) to sort through yet. Will upload asap.