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Hundreds Condemn Gaza Slaughter In Liverpool

Neon Black | 03.01.2009 22:32 | Palestine | Liverpool

As the young conscripts of the Israeli Defense Forces prepared for a ground invasion, about three hundred people protested in Liverpool against the now week-long military assault on Gaza Strip Palestinians.

The event - which was organised at very short notice through word of mouth and over the internet - began at the 'bombed out' church on Berry Street. This venue was hollowed during the 1941 Liverpool blitz, and more than one person commented on similarities between the Nazi policy of genocide and that of the Israeli state. A large crowd gathered, before a march down Renshaw Street and Lime Street, to St George's Plateau for the rally.

There were speeches from Merseyside Stop the War Coalition, Merseyside CND and Liverpool Friends of Palestine representatives, as well as Islamic, Christian and Jewish campaigners. All speakers expressed their horror and outrage at the ongoing Operation, which had reportedly been in planning for over six months, since around the time Israel and Hamas signed a ceasefire agreement. Each speech urged people to express their anger by putting pressure on politicians.

Neon Black
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  1. there was about 1000 on the march — donald buss
  2. Post say 2,000 — Person
  3. The numbers game — Neon Black