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Italian pigs were planning car boot sale

Luther blissett | 26.07.2001 23:30

where the italian police really going to have a car boot with all the tat they confiscated from the school/media center

Anyone who has checked the list of items confiscated during saturday nights raid will have very quickly come to the conclusion that the cops were all looking to open a lost property office, or their cappucino's had been spiked with ketamin. They did manage to find a piece of a pick axe handle and a few hammers, in the whole complex apart from that the most offensive things they could turn up was a selection of swiss army knifes and few plastic handled kitcken knifes..
phones, address books and a massive list of various personal items which very quickly starts getting ridiculous, As you get further down the page it starts getting serious monty python . with shades of "brandish that banana" !!! ..

good nighty

Luther blissett
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