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Jail Conditions in Genoa.

janice | 27.07.2001 04:36

A concerted effort was made to co-ordinate the jail conditons and experiences of activists in Prague and
list them as a group for research purposes.

This are some stories about what happened to prisoners after Prague. Can an effort be made to make a similar
page for Genoa activists who were incarcerated, please?

Report from OPH on Police Brutality

Prague 2000- Arrested Irish Protestor Tells of Czech police and IMF

Released Prisoner Reveals Firsthand account of Torture Within Czech Jails

Austrian Protester Jumps from Second Floor Window to Escape Police

Shocking Human Rights Abuses Faced by Protestors in Jail

Kicked in the face

Police tactics violate human rights charter (by released prisoner)

In the Nick

Jailed women terrorised

Report on Jail conditions

Random arrests in Prague

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