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A Sheffield-based Death Squad?

Mousse Anony | 11.11.2014 08:00 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War | Sheffield | World

It seems that a whistleblower is making some major revelations about an ultra "black ops" death squad organised around an extended family based in Sheffield.

There's "hot" information is being published online by a whistleblower writing under the name Kickaha, who apparently has first hand knowledge of an ultra secret criminal operation that seems to be attached to the UK's "non-existent" branch of intelligence services.

Please read his material and personal testimonies here:
"Her Majesty's OTHER Secret Service"

The claims may sound unbelievable, but there's a thread of of genuine qualities running through Kickaha's articles. There's a number of them published recently on his blog, here:

He has also published a copy of some of the articles on the Cyprus Indymedia website, under the name of Paul Finnegan. Cyprus has been the target of continuous British secret intelligence operations for more than a hundred years and so it's understandable that this would be the chosen imc outlet for this operation.

But we need some local Sheffield independent journalists to investigate the story here, locally. The Gourvenec family of Sheffield, which is name by Paul Finnegan as the foundation of this state-sponsored terrorist cell, has not responded either to issue a denial or to comment on the publications, even though from what the whistleblower writes, not only have THEY become aware of it (he publishes proof of that) but even Members of Parliament have been informed of the revelations directly and yet there has been no official response by anyone.

We need to know more about what Sheffield's role in the "big picture" of the world. Will someone investigate this more deeply?

Mousse Anony

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