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Bedouin As Well As Palestinians Suffer Under Netanyahu's Rule

Human Rights | 18.10.2013 19:16 | Anti-militarism | Palestine | Repression | London | World

thousands deported, homes bulldozed, villages 'disappeared'

Israeli creation of homelessness
Israeli creation of homelessness

Netanyahu victim
Netanyahu victim

Even the simplest dwellings destroyed
Even the simplest dwellings destroyed

The Netanyahu regime has continued the Ben Gurion policy of removing
the Bedouin from their home in the Negev Desert, a home they have held for
at least 3 centuries.

Ben Gurion bulldozed the first 2 Palestinian villages in 1937, not
during WW2 nor after but before the war. He had thousands of Bedouins deported to Jordan in 1951. The Bedouin like the
Palestinians have had even their simplest dwellings bulldozed.

A Google search frequently places years old articles rather than the
current situation first.

Meanwhile still more media outlets, search engines, newspapers, radio, tv,
magazines have fallen to Zionist hostile takeover operatives and censors.


Human Rights


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