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Wannabe BNP councillor has a bad night

Antifa | 26.09.2004 11:51 | Anti-racism

After an election defeat, a wannabe BNP councillor's night gets even worse.

At the recent Laindon ward council election in Basildon (23/09), David King, a former BNP treasurer was standing for a seat. Unite Against Fascism held a meeting a week prior to the election, with fifty people present, but no picket of the election count was organised. On the night it was announced that King had come third, and the twenty BNP members and supporters left the town hall defeated, but unopposed. Two minutes down the road, were seven anti-fascists who just happened to be drinking in town. When the two groups met (despite being outnumbered three to one), a ‘full and frank discussion’ with King and other members ended with them on the floor, and later receiving treatment from an ambulance crew. One of the BNP “security” entourage panicked and managed to spray two anti-fascists with mace, as well as half his mates. No arrests were made.
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