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coverage of April 8th No Borders Action

rampART radio | 07.04.2006 18:06 | April 2006 No Borders Days of Action | Free Spaces | Indymedia | Migration | London | World

From 10pm till 3pm (approx) on Saturday 8th April, we'll be doing live coverage of the No Border's demo taking place near Heathrow airport.

The streams used will be (mono ~16kbps) (mono ~64kbps)

Please advertise those addresses or simple the website where appropriate.

Those wishing to rebroadcast will find the hi.mp3 best. The low.mp3 is for people on slow connections and not suitable for rebroadcast. We will try to use only copyleft music from our collection but we've only just started resorting so we might make mistakes - in fact, count on it ;-)

Coverage will be multilingual where possible... english and german so far unless anyone else turns up at the studio.

Live phone or skype interviews will be possible during the coverage.
You can call by phone or skype IMC-UK-RADIO

If anyone knows any prerecorded audio pieces about the issues of immigration and deportation etc. please let us know ASAP.

Anyone is welcome to come into the studio to help out or to talk about the issues although we expect most people who don't have a squat to sit will be at the event. See for the address and directions on how to get here.

We'll be helping out with Indymedia dispatch at the same time so the more help the merrier.

We've also got a gig with a wicked lineup in the evening if you fancy making a long day of it. It should be a really good one with Gertrude, MC Angel and DJne SexyRubberSole so well worth coming along. It starts at 8pm - see the website for details.

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