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South Africa blamed for Lockerbie

Danny | 16.12.2007 11:40 | Terror War

A new petition urges the goivernment to support a full UN investigation into the Lockerbie bombing, on the grounds a UN Commissioner for Nambia was on-board.

The theory apartheid South Africa blew up PanAm flight 103 is rarely discussed, with the mainstream media concentrating on which arab nation to blame. The great significance of this petition isn't the number of signatories, rather it is who those signatories are. Dr Jim Swire lost his daughter in the explosion, and has campaigned tirelessly for justice. Professor Robert Black is the Scottish legal academic who is known as 'the architect of the Lockerbie trial' - a trial he know derides. Ian McKie is a former police inspector whose daughter Shirlie was stitched up by the Scottish Criminal Records Office with false fingerprint evidence. Patrick Haseldine is a British diplomat sacked for criticising the Thatcher goverment complicity in Apartheid terrorist attacks.

Petition Text:

Dr Hans Koechler, UN observer at the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing trial, has described Mr al-Megrahi's conviction as a "spectacular miscarriage of justice". If, as now seems inevitable, the Libyan's conviction is overturned on appeal, Libya will be exonerated and a new investigation is going to be required. Apartheid South Africa is the prime alternative suspect for the Lockerbie bombing - see Wikipedia article "South Africa luggage swap theory". We understand that, when Libya takes its seat at the UN Security Council in January 2008, there will be calls for an immediate United Nations Inquiry into the death of UN Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson, in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing. The other 14 UNSC members - including Britain - should support such an Inquiry and nominate Dr Koechler to conduct it.

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