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In London for Anarchist bookfair this weekend? Rubbish!

waste | 20.10.2005 16:45 | Free Spaces | London

If you are going to be in London for the anarchist boof fair then...

Why not enjoy some HARD HITTING RHYMES and BEATS, as well as the WISE WIT of SPOKEN WORD at the rampART on Friday night (21st).

There's DJ RUBBISH setting the world to rights, along with the anarchist hiphop collective ENTARTETE KUNST from San Francisco and the conscious vibes from BARAKA, MC ANGEL and her CREW, plus THE RUB and BC400 and others...

Door open at 8pm.
Entry £5 suggested donation.
Food and Drink available.

Live at the rampART ( 07050 618445)
15 Rampart St, London E1 2LA (off Commerical Road, near junction with Canon Street Rd)


from 8pm Saturday, rampART radio celebrates it's FIRST BIRTHDAY
with a giant LIVESHOW PARTY!!!

To much stuff to mention it all but look out for SCHNEWS, the SLACKERS BIRTHDAY SHOW with Nanika and the USUAL SUSPECTS reading BETWEEN THE LINES of the media TALK IN TOWN, news from ELSEWHERE with Selene ART MUSIC POLITIC, with Will and Mati presenting LIVE footage from TAKING DOWN THE SHOPFLOOR featuring Music, Films and DJs in support of WAR ON WANT
VOICE OF SANITY, letter from london with Bill Wood, including PSYCHIC experiments BRAVE new discourse with NAKED PUNCH, about philosophy, politics literature and art amongst others...
plus various POETS and BARDS

NONANGELIC HIPHOP, radical RHYMES and BEATS from around the WORLD.

ELECTRIC FRYING PANS, tabla, guitar and spoken word
the ADVENTURES OF CHARLIE CHOG; Charlie's bach with new BACKSTAGE interviews
EPOC, drum and bass
Caipirinha Appreciation Society Show
amongst others...

blaa blaa blaa

Door open at 8pm. Entry by donation. Food and Drink available.

Drop by on your way to Occupation Hazzard then party through sunday.



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