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Free the Thessaloniki 8 news Broadcasts

C & M | 12.10.2003 18:12 | Thessaloniki EU | Globalisation | Repression | London | World

Qucktime videos of the London Tonight broadcasts and interviews re Thessaloniki 8 hunger strike.

London Tonight broadcast coverage of 2 demonstrations in support of the Thesssaloniki 8 and the hunger strikers Simon Chapman and Kastro, the first at Tower Bridge on Sunday Oct 5th and the following day at the Greek Embassy in Holland Park, London. The following are in quicktime format compressed for the web.

I believe other reports have featured on other stations and the World Service.

An updated cd version for the campaign will be available this week ( including .avi format video )and at the Bookfair on the 25th October. Contact the Thessaloniki prisoner support for more details.

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