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Gala Dinner Protest at Iraqi Procurements 2004

venceremos | 28.04.2004 01:42 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Social Struggles

A Spirited and Defiant Protest was held outside the Iraqi Procurement 2004 Galla Dinner on Tuesday evening. There were three people arrested as the crowd raised their voices against the corporate carve up of iraq.

It was a spirited and undeterred solidarity protest despite the cops and the rain.

Iraqi Procurement 2004 is a 3 day event in London where a small elite of politicians and corporations work it out how they can reconstruct Iraq for their own benefit and in line with Bush's agenda without consulting Iraqi communities in any way.
To celebrate their corporate carve up of Iraqi delegates attended a banquet at the New Conaught Rooms, Great Queens St, WC1.

But crowd of about 30 to 40 people, including RoR samba band loudly greeted delegates and let them know that the voices of the uninvited would also be heard. People shouted out to delegates while Iraqi corporate dollars carpeted the pavement and pigs in suits grabbed and gorged themselves on handfuls of Iraqi occupation dollars from a trough.

There was samba, free falafel and Iraqi sweets. Several people took turns on a mike to addressed the protest including an iraqi christian, speakers from the Iraqi Organisation for Women's Freedom, the Union of Unemployed Workers of Iraq, Voices In the Wilderness, No Sweat, Campaign Against the Arms Trade, and the Green Party amongst others.

Three people were arrested during the protest. One was of Ewa J who was due to speak at the protest but was snatched by the police before she got a chance .
Then a clown comrade from CIRCA was also nicked, allegedly for causing an obstruction during Ewa's arrest. There was a third arrest but I am unclear as to the circumstances. All three were taken to taken to Holborn police station and are likely to appear before Highbury Magistrates Wednesday morning if you can get down there to support.

the struggle continues

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