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Cambridge Mayday 2004

The Nameless Collective | 27.04.2004 15:04 | May Day 2004 | Cambridge


Saturday 1st May @ The Grafton Centre

How many of you have watched with despair as week after week hundreds of people make their way religiously to the Grafton centre for weekend shopping duty. Shopping and selling are the only activities sanctioned within those concrete walls.

This Mayday, there will be something different. A day of anti-consumerist action in and around the Grafton Centre.

There will be a meeting to finalise the program on Thursday 29th April at 5pm at the Housing Co-op off Mill Rd. You're looking for the building that is known as the 'Hut' which is on the right at the bottom of Fletchers Terrace (1st right off Argyle Street).

If you want to see something different happen in Cambridge this Mayday, don't wait for something to be organised for you, come and help create it.

The Nameless Collective