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Squatting actions in hamburg, germany

finn37 | 28.04.2004 11:04 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | World

In the last weeks there were diverse projects of squatting activities in hamburg, most related to the ongoing repression against trailerparks.

Squatting actions in hamburg, germany

In the last weeks there were diverse projects of squatting activities in hamburg, most related to the ongoing repression against trailerparks.
The senat of hamburg wanted to quit the contracts for the trailerpark “henriette” to the beginning of april, so an action week against eviction was planned.
The eviction was suspended some days before the week started, the major said they could stay 18 months longer, if they would fulfill conditions the senat would give them.
There were some colourful actions anyway in the city like a demonstration in the quarter of the major to create some new trailerpark and at the end of the week a wagon was put onto the water to demonstrate in the inner city where a lot of people are usually consuming.
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Even if the “henriette” is not evicted yet, the officials sent already a letter to another trailerpark, the “wendebecken” that they should leave their home until end of august. So the evictions are not at the end.
From the 9 trailerparks, which existed till 2002, there are now 6 left. The “bambule”, which was evicted in autum 2002, made a squat action last autum.
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It was evicted, now the participants should pay money for “breaking into privat property” (the ground is owned by the “deutsche bahn” (railway company).

This saturday, the 24th of april early in the morning, the hafenstraße in hamburg was blockaded by over 100 trailers. This big action was prepared over months to get in offensive again. The goal was to get a new space to live in the city for the people, who were evicted the last years and who are now living at the sides of some streets or somewhere but not like they would like to.

The trailer came for this solidarity action from all over germany and from some other countries to squat the hafenstraße. The police was really surprised and said this also in media but did not want to discuss with the participants about their demand.
The people who live in the hafenstraße solidarised with the action, put banners into their windows and sat on the roof to support. After some hours the police began to destroy a barricade and after finishing to break into the locked wagons to move them from the street. They used as much violence as possible to damage the first wagons to provoke the around 200 people around. When they evicted the street, they used teargas, which is not often in hamburg, also they had water-tanks with them.

They moved the trailer and wagons to the suburb and forced the owner to give them their data to get them back. Some trailers are badly destroyed (windows, gear, …)
The action was well prepared but repression is continuing, the publicity saw the pictures, there is a hope that the topic will not move into history, but the struggle will continue.

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