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Patrick (Activist) | 01.04.2004 10:11 | Education | Indymedia | London


On Tuesday evening the Anna Scher Board of Directors held an Extra General Meeting at the Business Design Centre, Islington N1.

Anna Scher attended this meeting with Charles Verrall and one other assuming that all was well and she'd return to the theatre she founded in Barnsbury Road and keep teaching those of us who attend her classes, this was not the case as the board once again stitched this wonderful woman up.

There were many of Anna's students as well as former students at the Business Design Centre who were there supporting her aims only to find out later in the evening that Anna Scher had been stabbed in the back by the board.

Any member still attending the Barnsbury Road Theatre surely must see that the classes have fallen in numbers as well as performances and sadly the performances which usually are 100% weren't even 70% on Wednesday and this may be due to the expectations of those teaching the classes.

Many members I have seen in the past perform much better than that of Wednesday's class, I would have thought that with all Anna Scher's knowledge and experience in this field, members would be furious with the likes of Pamela Taylor and Co for not reinstating her so we could get back to the days when every class was 100%.

How can members still want to go to such a theatre when those running it still discriminate?

If these people on the board are allowed to continue managing the theatre then there should be no place for any form of discrimination, yet this board who claim not to discriminate are actually the biggest discriminators of all.

Even though Anna was bullied around the meeting and dished out a heavy blow, she remains calm and is ready for the fight ahead and we should all be standing along side her supporting her.

Andy Smith gave his so called leaving speech on Wednesday to the members of that class, in that speech he stated that he'd still be about changing a light bulb etc.
So is he to stay on as a teacher?

The other story going about is that both Marcus Rogers and Evelyn Dewar are to become the agents of the Barnsbury Road theatre, how true this is we don't yet know it may be rumour or it could be true, from the way Evelyn was smiling on Wednesday evening she'd obviously heard that Anna would not be returning as she asked me if everything was alright knowing already from the look on my face that I wasn't happy that Anna had attended the board meeting like a lamb to the slaughter.

The fact is, the theatre in Barnsbury Road will fall sometime in the future as without Anna running classes numbers will fall and the style and method which has created so many fine actors and actresses over the years will no longer be there.

Anna Scher truly is an exceptional teacher and if anyone wishes to judge for themselves this is their oppertunity to come along to the Anna Scher in exile classes being held at the Blessed Sacrement Church, Copenhagen Street, Islington N1.

Adult classes are Friday evenings from 7pm and a short message to all those attending, please switch your mobile phones off when in class.

I hope to see and perform with you all.



Patrick (Activist)
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