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CSSGJ talk analysing the Narmada Dam Protests in India

cssgj | 01.03.2007 08:56 | Analysis | Repression | Social Struggles | Sheffield

what does the Narmada Dam Protests in India tell us about the nature of contemporary protests and the efforts of peasant and indigenous groups to oppose dispossession? How is the process of accumulation compare with earlier processes such as enclosure and clearance? What can be done to help such movements?

The next CSSGJ open seminar features newly appointed RCUK research fellow Dr Alf Nilsen who will be speaking on the topic: 'Political Economy, State Power and Social Movements:A Marxian Perspective on Two Decades of Resistance to the Narmada Dams'. The talk is based on extensive field research and interviews with local social groups and movements.

The talk takes place from 5-6.30 on Monday 5 March in the Delta Suite of the University Staff Club, Main Campus. the talk will be followed by drinks in the bar.

CSSGJ open seminars are free and open to everyone. Join us!

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