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BBC World footage from 9/11 announcing WTC7 collapse 23 mins before the event

Chris | 28.02.2007 23:41 | Terror War | Sheffield | World

Attached is the footage from BBC World from September 11th 2001 covering the time running up to the collapse of World Trade Centre Building 7 (which was also knows as the Salomon Brothers Building) at 5:20pm.

On 22nd February 2007, an extensive archive of television broadcast footage covering the 9/11 attacks was discovered on the Internet Archive, and this was reported on 911 Blogger.

One activist then discovered that BBC World reported that WTC7 collapsed 23 mins before it happened and they produced the attached video.

The response from the BBC includes the statment, "We didn't get told in advance that buildings were going to fall down. We didn't receive press releases or scripts in advance of events happening." So where did they get the news from that the building had come down, when it was still standing and can clearly be seen behind the reporter?

There are 4 other articles on the BBC World footage on Indymedia:

See also the 11th September 2001, Five Years On feature article which has a write up about WTC7 and links to the collapse videos.

Two other sources of information about Building 7 are and 11syyskuu.



FOI and investigation

01.03.2007 19:59

Journalists have failed to inform the public in an impartial and unbiased manner in many instances before. News corporations will not bite the hand that feeds, which is why we - the docile consuming public - are never informed that the real cause of global warming and climatic change are corporations. Corporations spend budgets larger than the GDP of many developing world countries trying to brainwash us - docile, consuming - viewers to buy and to consume. News corporations have a vested interest in advertising revenue and so won't bite the hand that feeds. That is already a conspiracy. Look at any article hosted by the fabulous MediaLens group ( and sign up for their email alerts. Now they do journalism, as do a number of the non-mainstream (i.e. non-corporate) outlets, and you will quickly see just how much of a symbiotic relationship news corporations and production/consumption corporations share. Both are parasitic however, and we, the - docile and consuming - viewing public are that parasite's host. Time to take the tick off our blood supply and break out of the hypnosis they have successfully lulled us into.

Perhaps this footage will be that leverage, maybe now people will wake from their stupor and realise that the news, as the corporate spokesperson for the government interests, is merely yet another tool of propaganda designed to make us stupid.

For the BBC Head of News to post a blog like the above offering by Mr Porter is really taking the p*ss. I don't like being the butt of Mr Porter's attempt at levity: Many decent people died that day and given that 911 was the pre-text to launch what was probably a pre-ordained attack plan against Iraq, many people have died and are still being killed as a direct consequence of 911. More specifically, they are dying as a direct result of what the governments of the UK and USA try to convince us happened.
And the news media are merely regurgitating uncritically the official narrative. Doesn't that make the BBC and its corporate cohorts at the least ethically responsible for allowing the Iraqi genocide to take place and for continuing. Isn't that a violation of the threadbare ethical percepts taught at journalism school? The BBC and its cohorts have failed humanity by simply regurgitating the official line, never calling it into account. And then the BBC's "documentary" on the "conspiracy" theories about 911 is just about the cherry on the top of this massive and unrelenting insult that masquerades as "news".

Two things should happen here:
1. Ofcom needs to be retained to look into this news broadcast for truth and impartiality and/or an independent investigation by a regulatory body needs to be convened - and have teeth (for a change)
2. An FOI request needs to be sent to request public disclosure of the sources of that feed (where did the teleprompt writers get their leads from?), the broadcast footage itself including the period after the feed was pulled/dropped; along with all email correspondence for the whole of the day of 911 and for two weeks later received by senior corporate executives, news writers, news readers, control room operators, and teleprompters.
3. The BBC should, under threat of having its license revoked and the public TV license fee cancelled UNLESS the BBC can offer a satisfactory account for this debacle.

grumpy old man

Follow up

03.03.2007 20:41

The Internet Archive has posted information about their source for the footage from BBC World, some technicial information and a streaming version:

BBC TV: BBC Sept. 11, 2001 4:54 pm - 5:36 pm (September 11, 2001)

The head of BBC World has posted a follow up on his blog:

Part of the conspiracy? (2)


Updated video

04.03.2007 20:20

911 Blogger has an article about an updated version of this video:

The video itself is available here:


See also

04.03.2007 23:52

The is a write up of this at

Clairvoyant Collapse

BBC World News announced WTC 7 had collapsed, well in advance of the actual event. Discovery by blogger prompts controversy. Angered counter-attack from BBC avoids issue: What was the source of the information? New 3-minute video compilation of the key points from the BBC broadcast, demonstrating foreknowledge of WTC 7 collapse. Read more for complete coverage of the last three days… (2/28)