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Bristol: graffiti/solidarity action @ Clifton Cathedral

queers gone wild | 24.12.2013 14:39 | Gender | Policing | Repression

Early morning mass was blackened this Christmas eve for the catholic Cathedral in Bristol's wealthy Clifton neighborhood. Overnight we glued locks on their doors, spraypainted "without god", "without law", and anarchy symbols on the grand exterior and signed "queers x".

We hate the many forms of churches and priests who work to instill subservience and patriarchy with their wretched morals, when not still with the whip. The Catholic Church, especially, dug one of the deepest foundations of authority in the Western(ized) world, as well as ascribing strict gender roles and turning 'heterosexuality' from one possibility into an obligation. All in the interests of power, mass economic productivity and future reproduction of the oppressive social order, making our individual bodies and desires evermore alien to us. Neither do we forget the indigenous peoples put to the torch or converted at gunpoint once their lifeways were eroded by the marauding civilization, a missionary-aided genocide still underway today.

There's recently been 'Gender Ideology' conferences attended by former pope John Paul II gathering catholic fundamentalists, right-wing figures and bigoted scientists still trying to criminalize, pathologize or 'medicalize' queerness. There the old nationalist values of 'God, Country + Family' were explicitly arrayed against our joyful lives of love and rage - and one conference was invaded and disrupted by a contingent of our fellow gender renegades. It's indeed ironic that the catholics propagate the myth that 'homosexuals' are in fact pedophiles.

We admire the courage of anyone subverting the gender identity they've been assigned, whatever else separates us. Our everyday battles against patriarchy, the masked 'compas' who overturned a pro-life church in Chile, the women self-organizing against subjugation in Tunisia, or our queer siblings defying homophobic law in Russia, not a step back!!

To the five anarchists arrested in Barcelona (they're charged with plotting and carrying out bombings against sacred places of the monarchy, Hispanic colonization and fascist-church collusion), we send you a gesture beside the many others aiming to pierce your isolation. Our small attack was timed to tarnish one of the church's holy days, and comes slightly after the international week of solidarity. Just as well anytime is always the time for revolt!! To dignified prisoner Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, held under a harsh FIES regime like two of the arrested, we also send our warmest affection in these cold days.

"Yesterday, today, and forever... No god No master"
- Mónica Caballero


queers gone wild


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