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Dutch animal liberationists imprisoned, new address

Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network | 15.06.2009 16:51 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Social Struggles | World

In April ELP reported the jailing of a Dutch animal rights activist, Peter Janssen, who has been accused of involvement in a raid on a mink farm. A second person who was arrested at the same time as Peter was later released without charge. However since then ELP has learnt of a third arrest. The third person is Naomi van der Pol and she has been remanded into custody. Naomi has been in prison for a month and a half now without any support, so it is vital we send her lots of messages of support from all around the world.

Therefore please send urgent letters of support to both Peter and Naomi to remind them they are not alone and they have our support. Both can receive message of support in English.

Naomi van der Pol
P.I. Breda
Naomi van der Pol 6496122
Celnummer 24b
Postbus 2274
4800 CG Breda

Peter Janssen
PI Noordsingel
Peter Janssen 5102880
Postbus 37066
3005 LB Rotterdam

If you would rather e-mail a message of support please send your e-mails to:
Peter Janssen:
Naomi van der Pol:

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