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anti-bomb pair in Brighton rooftop protest

smashy | 28.08.2007 08:25 | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Palestine | London | South Coast

Two anti-arms trade protesters are currently occupying the roof of Brighton arms manufacturers EDO MBM's second site in Fishersgate, near Brighton. The pair scaled the factory roof in Mill Road this morning and other protesters are holding a demo outside. This action is part of the week-long action camp against EDO MBM, which produces bomb components used in the bombing of Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan.

The camp, located in the Wild Park, Moulsecoomb behind EDO MBM's main factory on Home Farm Rd, started yesterday. Before this morning's action at 7am 3 police officers including a chief inspector entered the camp but were unwelcome and made to leave.

This evening a critical mass bike ride will take place, leaving at 5.30, from the Level in central Brighton.

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