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IMC Video looking for footage of DSEI

imc video | 18.09.2003 12:38 | DSEi 2003

Did you shoot video at DSEI and don't know what to do with it or would like to contribute to a collaborative video project?

The IMC video team are making a video of the DSEI week of protests and actions and we need to find footage of a number of actions. Please get in touch with us if you have and would like to contribute video footage of any of the following actions:
-Oxford group inside EXCEL
-Trafalgar Sq. Red Fountain action
-Spearhead occupation
-Excel blockade Monday
-Fairford gates ripped off
-DSEI 2001
-Affinity PR inside EXCEL

We're also looking for recordings of any mainstream tv newsreports of DSEI.

Please contact the imc video list (email above) if you've got any of these.

imc video
- e-mail: