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Barclays ATM glued

Militant Antispeciesists | 25.08.2008 23:15 | SHAC

Shortly after workers fixed an ATM in the westcountry (we wonder why it was broken in the first place.....) militants visited the capitalist machine and applied liberal amounts of super glue to the card slot.

The New York Stock Exchange must drop HLS or actions will continue against financial associates. If you don't like it Barclays sell your NYSE shares or continue profiting from misery and expect more direct action. We will not wait for labs to close with banners, shouts and propaganda; we will close them ourselves.

Dedicated to Dan Amos and

Militant Antispeciesists


Reality check; one of many actions

26.08.2008 18:23

Check there have been over a douzen actions against Barclays ATMs this month. Last time they received this much attention, they dumped HLS and they will do it again. It's called stopping the puppy killers. With some of the biggest pharma companies like Roche it took douzens of actions, but they all cut their ties eventually.

Smash the Abuse!

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The point was

26.08.2008 21:50

Don't foget the carnival in solidarity with Sean Kirtley
Don't foget the carnival in solidarity with Sean Kirtley

The action was dedicated to shactivist Dan Amos, it was targeting the very company who Daniel himself dedicated himself to campaigning against Solidarity for political prisoners imprisoned by the police state is more than most do against the injustice.



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