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GM moosletter text from the womens institute

milk monitor | 17.06.2005 19:21 | Bio-technology

The Womens Institute launced the week of demonstrations outside Sainsbury's HQ in London. This is the leaflet they handed to arriving staff.

The Daily Moosletter from the Women's Institute.
Monday June 13th

Where does your milk come from?

At the women's Institute we've been campaigning for safe food for nearly 100 years.

We're disappointed that Sainsbury's have failed to keep their promise to phase out GM feed to the animals that provide the companies milk and meat.

Given the environmental, social and health problems associated with the technology, we are especially concerned about the lack of labeling of such products.

The controversy surrounding GM crops mean that Sainsbury's have a duty to inform their customers about it's presence in the food chain.

We believe your current policy is depriving customers of the information they need to make choices about their food.

No more excuses please.

A recent survey of 400 Sainsbury's customers showed that 99% believe GM fed milk and meat should be labeled as such.

While we applaud Sainsbury's move to introduce a trial range of non-GM fed milk, we are concerned that this is only available i a limited number of stores and as a specialist more expensive product.

Marks & Spencer sell non-GM fed milk as standard, and the Co-op are now almost entirely GM-fed milk free.

In recent months all the stores we have visited which are trialing Non-GM fed milk have failed to carry the leaflet explaining Sainsbury's milk policy.

Last year the Women's Institute AGM strengthened the organisations oppostion to GM crops. This year it has taken a stand on the poverty milk prices currently paid to British farmers. We believe these issues to be inextricably linked, and ask that Sainsbury's reconsider both their continued use of GM feed imports, and the low prices paid to farmers for their products.

Thank you for your attention. The milk and biscuits we're offering this morning are organic. We hope that you enjoy them and have a good day.

milk monitor