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10 million march to stop war (The Mirror)

Gary Jones | 03.01.2003 19:54

TEN million people are expected to join a worldwide protest next month against war on Iraq

TEN million people are expected to join a worldwide protest next month against war on Iraq.

Peace activists are organising marches across Europe, America and the Middle East in what could be the biggest demo ever staged.

The day of action is planned for Saturday, February 15, and is described by campaigners as "the last chance to stop the war".

The day of action was unveiled as President Bush reaffirmed his determination to invade Iraq.

Speaking at his ranch in Texas yesterday he warned Saddam Hussein: "Your day of reckoning is coming."

As 15,000 US troops prepared to head for the Gulf, he accused Saddam of lying and said it was unlikely he would disarm peacefully.

He added: "For 11 long years the world has dealt with him. Hopefully, he now realises we are serious. It's his choice."

Britain's Stop The War Coalition reckons at least 500,000 and perhaps as many as a million will turn up for a rally in Hyde Park, London.

Spokesman Andrew Burgin said: "The worldwide event will demonstrate the feelings of millions of ordinary men and women.

"It should send a clear signal to President Bush and Tony Blair that this war is wrong and unwanted. We hope we can spark something that will be a turning point." Representatives of anti-war groups in 11 European countries, including Italy, France, Spain and Germany, met in Copenhagen recently to co-ordinate the protest.

American groups are planning marches in Washington, New York, San Francisco and other cities. Support has also been promised by peace movements in the Middle East.

Mr Blair discussed Iraq and the Middle East peace process with King Abdullah of Jordan yesterday as he and Cherie broke into their Egyptian holiday for dinner at the royal palace.

They flew from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheik to the king's seaside residence at Aqaba. Jordan is seen as a key Western ally but, like other Arab states, it opposes an attack on Saddam Hussein.

King Abdullah is believed to have warned Mr Blair that a war against Iraq could destabilise the entire region.

Gary Jones


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