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Oxford members of ORFA report on their trip to Jerusalem and the W. Bank

Jenny Stanton (posted by eileen) | 23.09.2004 11:54 | Anti-militarism | Education | Social Struggles | Oxford


Niki Carter and Jenny Stanton have recently returned from a visit to Jerusalem
and the West Bank, including a week in Ramallah focussing on educational
links: Bir Zeit university (Keith Hyams joined us in meeting with Helen
Murray and Yasser Darwish of Right to Education Campaign); the Child Club of
Al Amari refugee camp (from where ORFA hopes to bring a group of children
over in July 2005); and the Ministry of Education. We renewed previous
acquaintances such as Munir and Hadeel Qazzaz (many thanks for meal; and deep
regrets that we missed hearing of possible ORFA meeting on the night we
arrived in Ramallah).

Our trip coincided with Arun Gandhi's tour; the hunger strike by Palestinian
political prisoners; and of course ongoing (non-violent) protests against the
Apartheid Wall, one of which we witnessed. We heard more about refugees
especially in Bethlehem at Badil organisation and at Aida camp.

Tasks to be discussed next Thursday include:
Communications and linking
Children's visit
Prisoner support

Jenny Stanton (posted by eileen)