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Holocaust Denial

yarra | 27.04.2007 06:38 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Other Press | World

When is holocaust denial not a crime? When the victims are not Jews it would seem! As the world begins to target the lies and excesses of conservative governments, coalition leaders are becoming more nervous and agitated as each day passes. But the monstrous oversight of all opposition parties – and it’s not accidental – is continued holocaust denial. There is no dismissing the figures from a world-renowned authoritative journal (Lancet). The 660,000 civilian dead in Iraq CONSTITUTE A HOLOCAUST in any ‘language’. The screaming figures can no longer be dismissed, avoided, or denied nor can the RESPONSIBILITY for the CRIMES.

As coalition leaders face political defeat in their respective nations not one opposing politician has charged conservative leaders with WAR CRIMES or demanded their arrest for complicity in the most horrific holocaust of the century! Would the REAL rulers please ‘stand’; ignoring a most effective political weapon, WAR CRIMES indictments, could only occur if politicians were under pressure from powerful undemocratic interests. What happened to democratically elected REPRESENTATIVE government, we may ALL ask? Have all our efforts to establish a civilised democracy been forfeited for the sake of political expediency and criminal pursuits?

The illegality of the Iraq invasion has entered the historical record but history waits for the perpetrators to face JUSTICE! There is not one but a HERD of elephants in the kitchen! The issue can no longer be avoided or ignored without HUGE COST – total loss of credibility, (especially for international JEWRY). Remaining silent on this issue would forfeit all political capital that screaming (holocaust) victim has afforded various lobbies and political interests. The world is acutely aware that the stolen nation of Israel offers no benefit to the international community whatsoever, in fact it is a major liability and impediment to the establishment of peace in the Middle East. Would the Jews continue to scream 'holocaust denial' is a crime and ignore the travesty in Iraq? Give us all a break!

The travesty of the holocaust in Iraq promises to sink the Titanic of lies and propaganda that have so far been relatively successful in deceiving the public – but the sheer number of innocent deaths is no longer possible to disguise, justify or ignore.

Today the Australian (opposition) Labor Party held its national conference but not a word on the criminal culpability of the prime minister John Howard for his war crimes in Iraq. The US Democrats while calling for the impeachment of VP Cheney for criminal deception have NOT indicted any standing or retired member of the Bush regime for war crimes. Treating the public as a pliable moronic mass that is easily deceived by a lying mass media is no longer a viable option in an age of alternative communication. How much longer do the powers hope to deceive a public whose level of social awareness is growing at lightning speed? Bleeding edge social networking technologies offer levels of social awareness unprecedented in the history of human society. It becomes an increasingly dangerous occupation to treat today’s public with contempt or underestimate their skills. The cost of continued holocaust denial and other injustices may be higher than anyone anticipated – particularly on morality and social cohesion.

The message transmitted by the powers at present is clear, if not heinous; all actions including the murder of innocents are justified providing we first lie, deceive and paint an opponent as non-human or unworthy of human respect. What a wonderful world the conservatives have created! There would be hell to pay if society adopted the values clearly held by conservatives – ME, ME, ME, at any cost and without any moral constraints is the height of psychopathology.

Exploiting chaos and social psychopathology is not the sole province of western criminal ruling elites – a few demonised humans may have already undertaken steps to regain their humanity according to western methods! Would any sane politician continue to advertise their REAL affiliation and persist in holocaust denial if the cost was known?

Teach your children well!


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