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Low level policing is over

Jason Parkinson | 06.07.2005 10:53 | G8 2005

Chief Constable Peter Wilson just released a statement: low level policing outside G8 is now over.

After the contfrontation between protestors and riot police, as the 3am demonstration left the Stirling Peace Camp, police presence around the camp has been small but constant.
Before any actions could be started, 50 riot police and other yellowcoat officers with shields and and batons were already waiting for the 900 strong group.
As the protestors moved back into the industrial estate police numbers incresed to over 100. Reports of protestors hiding in the bushes being beaten are still unconfirmed.
Military jeeps have been spotted circling the roundabout just outside the camp every five minutes from around 10.30am.

Jason Parkinson