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Blockade of Trafalgar Square - 8pm-9.30

@ | 21.03.2003 02:46

Trafalgar Square barricaded for an hour & a half

As things in Parliament Square chilled out after the day's skirmishes, a group of about 150 people moved up Whitehall sporadically sitting down and blocking roads. As the vans of riot cops & horses moved down one lane of Whitehall, the peace kids got up and moved down the other lane & onto Trafalgar Square, where they sat down and blocked 3 lanes of traffic.

Noticing the helpful barricade materials left by the current roadworks, other protesters - who were still standing - proceeded to block and barricade the rest of the square, helped in their task by kindly passers-by.

Traffic came to a standstill with very little moving through the area for a good hour and a half, and police taking well over half an hour to gain access to the square.

Riot cops eventually moved in, and there was a bit of a ruck, with one arrested protester being so badly beaten by cops that he had to be taken to hospital.



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