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Albert Kada | 21.03.2003 03:59

An innocent busdriver was bombed by the US military due to a "massive intelligence failure" allowing one of the most dishonorable war crimes in US history to take place by the only dictator ever to declare war on the United States and make it surrender.

Two waves of cruise missle and bomb attacks assured debt and disorder for millions of voters worldwide.

The congress, with the exception of Barbara Lee, already surrendered.

Bush, who has redefined or burned every book and treaty every written including the dictionary, commented that he was disturbed by the fact that some "Americans" couldn't read. Bush has read the Constitution and decided to change it.

If this man is successful in his "war on terrorism" changed to "war on terror", he will destroy intelligence itself, thereby eliminating the need for book or language.

The "United Nations is not meaningless despite war", I said, because the translators, journalists and diplomats will go home and write books and make movies that can be hidden from Bush until he is defeated.

The military media for the homeland ingnored the deaths and have already helped cast blame for Bush on the UN, France, Saddam and others. "The next target should be France for supporting terrorism" according to a local convenience store clerk, who is proof of the effectiveness of aggressive psychological warfare. He watches CNN. The UN should blame CNN and Fox news channel if war breaks out with France.

Hosni Mubarak of Egypt practiced defensive diplomacy by blaming Iraq who has already been blamed for everything. Controlling information is an art for some people.

Most of the alledged "coalition" of attackers are countries in the midst of a civil war that is oblivious to "American" voters who will vote on computerized machines funded by the "Teach America to Vote Act" which has assured eternal dictatorship for the Bush regime.

The United Nations is now bracing for even more war after Iraq and the inevitable confrontation of the world against Bush if this man does not surrender after he is defeated by election.

Historicaly, a "second-term president", (Bush wasn't even elected once) will commit more shocking crimes than in his first term.

The future of the human species is no longer dependant on human intelligence but the outcome of the most horrifying political war ever declared.

Donald Rumsfield said "good evidence" is imagining he is in "some one else's shoes" and determining what they would think. This mass murdering despot will surrender to justice or the US military will stink with dishonor for 100 years.

Children were seen dressed in patriotic garb, being taught to celebrate death in the name of their god George W. Bush.

Another wave of meaningless and vicious attacks are under way now.

by Albert Kada
Independent Terrorist Journalist
Special Agent CIA-A-1
World's only publisher of computer viruses besides Microsoft.
Stolen from the unpublished newspaper "The American Blasphemer" please copy

Albert Kada
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