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Around the Campaigns Friday 25th July 2008

John O | 25.07.2008 13:15 | Migration | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

Elizabeth, Hilary & John - Still detained, Still facing removal


Anselme Noumbiwa - Back in Middlesbrough where he belongs

Anselme Noumbiwa - Back in Middlesbrough where he belongs

"What better way could I have started the day than to receive a 'phone call from Anselme who was released from detention yesterday and is safe, relatively well (considering his experiences) and now staying in Middlesbrough!

I have no doubt that the strength of public feeling and the protests to both the Minister and the airline have played a significant part in sustaining the profile of Anselme's case and highlighting the injustice and potential danger of the Home Office decision.

Anselme is sitting in my office as I write this and passes on his heartfelt thanks to everyone who has taken the trouble to sign a petition, make a 'phone call or lobby on his behalf.

He was overwhelmed by the love, support and prayers not only of his friends, but from those who had never met him, but cared enough to become involved in the campaign.

I wish you could see the smile on his face."

Best wishes and thanks,

Kath Sainsbury for Anselme Campaign

From: "Kath at Justice First"

End this injustice - stop the removal of Anselme Noumbiwa!


Elizabeth, Hilary & John - Still detained, Still facing removal

"OK folks, here's the latest. Apparently it's not good news that Elizabeth has been refused bail. Also, even more worrying, the Judicial Review has been expedited - at first I thought 'great, they want this sorted out', but actually bringing the date forward gives the solicitor less time to work on the case.

I still haven't heard from Liam Byrne and my cynical mind says that they want to remove her without him seeing me. Bearing in mind he has discretionary powers to stop her removal this isn't good either.

Finally, removing her quickly will stop us from submitting her case to the European Court of Human Rights even if the Judicial Review fails.

SO.....please will you contact Liam Byrne again at re Elizabeth Kiwunga Rushamba HO No. 479481407 asking why they have expedited E's case giving the solicitor less time to work on it and why I haven't heard from Liam despite having sent my request by recorded delivery?

As a footnote, as you can imagine Elizabeth is very low. Baby John started his anti-malarial yesterday, Marie takes hers a day before the flight (though she still isn't well and spikes a temp each night) and Elizabeth isn't given anti-malarial treatment at all - she was told 'it's only for adults going on holiday....'

Many, many thanks for your support"

Sheilagh Williamson

From: Sheilagh Williamson

Elizabeth, Hilary & John Belong to Darlington

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Elizabeth, Hilary & John Belong to Darlington

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