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Maurice Kirk has been incarcerated for 3 months

Tom | 26.09.2009 14:55 | Education | Health | Repression | South Coast

Arrested and sectioned for bringing charges against South Wales Police, now held at a secure medical facility against his will and drugged daily, under 24 hour observation.

Maurice's health is suffering and the unlawful behaviour of his captors continues. Detailed information is availiable on,

Although Maurice needs publicity and support, he has said that the bigger story is not that he is unlawfully locked away, subjected to experimentation, but that he is not alone. There are more people who have been sectioned and have even died after bringing charges against the incestuous legal system.

Read up on Maurice's circumstances, and perhaps begin to research a way out of this 'legal' web that we all believe ourselves to be trapped in.

Peace and power.

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