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Invite to Hacklab info event + party sat 9th

hackit | 06.04.2005 21:56 | Education | Free Spaces | Technology | London

Do patent laws have a place in today's information society?

Patent laws were originally put in place to protect innovators from having their ideas stolen. They now provide a tool for large businesses to control how inventions, research, knowledge and even life forms can be exploited for profit.

In a society that is becoming increasingly dependent on information and communication technology, ownership of information controls every aspect of our lives.

Are we going to sit by quitely while the biggest, richest corporations, assisted by our governments, take exclusive control?

The London Hacklabs Collective invites you to a day of discussions and workshops, and an evening of music and films...

Saturday April 9th at the Ramparts Center (

15-17 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA. Just off Commercial Road at the junction of New Street and Cannon Street Road. The nearest tubes are Shadwell, Whitechapel or Aldgate East.

Program (subject to change - see website for updates)...

2.00pm Why open source? Plus LiveCD test drives. Try out a new operating system and take one home!
2.30pm open source desktop publishing (putting together april issue of Indymedia Offline)
3.30pm Image editing using Gnu GIMP
4.30pm Wireless internet 'how to' plus build your own higain antenna out of cardboard and sticky back plastic!
5.00pm Build your own PC! (bring bits if you have some)
5.00pm Open Co-ops. Open source style organising for human relations?

6pm Films: Stallman on Patents, followed by discussion.

9pm-2am Entertainment - a program of live music and DJ's.

There will be computers available to sign the online petition against EU software patents, fax your MP, or take direct action against patent laws.

for more information see



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