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Oct 12th arrests in Venezuela

Diego Lucio | 13.10.2004 18:21 | Venezuela | London

Solidarity with the Revolution within the Revolution

Okay, here is the english translation of the article from marcelo. Urgent
international solidarity is needed! We are encouragin everyone to call,
fax, write letter, protest, and set up meeting with you local Venezeulan
embassies and consulates to demand the release of the prisoners as well as
to protest the restoration of the the imperialist statue! Please remind
the so called "revolutionary" gobeirnos that are responsible for the
arrests and restoration, that if they are to continue to recieve support
from the revolutionary international community, they must respect the
revolution and the desires of the people! We will be in contact as well
with emails and phone numbers of important contacts within Venezeula. The
sucessful release of the prisoners and the halt of the restoration of the
statue is vital to the integrity of the revolution, so please take action
and keep the revolution moving!

October 12th, referred to as the "El Dia de Resistencia Indigenia" in
Venezuela, a multitude bolivarians knocked down the “ex-statua” of
Columbus previously located in Plaza Venezuela. The “ex-statua” of
the "great admiral," the initiator of the genocide in Abya Yala
(the "American" continent) fell down with the force an enormous rope and
the force of more hundred persons.
After the “ex-statua” was knocked down the corpse of bronze was dragged by
hand by the crowd towards El Teatro Teresa Carreño, where the president
Chávez had intiated a performance as part of the “El Dia de Resistencia
Indigena.” The march arrived at the theater, after a beautiful caravan
with drums and exhilaration for the necessity of this symbol of the
imperialism, the demonstrators were inspired into a dance of indigenous
resistance about the “ex-statua” and then they hung the statue by it´s
feet from a tree, as they were torturing and murdering the “ex-statua” as
the indigenous men and women that were exterminated in Abya Yala were
murdered and tortured by the European conquerors.
In these moments of release, the "revolutionary" Police of Caracas,
directed by the "revolutionary" mayor Freddy Bernal, rushed forth, without
previous notice and with their own style of bourgeois state oppression,
shot teal gas and blanks at the demonstrators, and arrested five activists.

The popular movements demands "the immediate liberation of the political
prisoners or else the State should put in prison all the persons that
organized the event. Voluntarily, we assume the full responsibility of
this legitimate action of the Bolivarian people against this symbol of the
imperialism." There are, currently, more than 20 persons of different
groups who assume full responsibility for the action.


Diego Lucio


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