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URGENT : Widespread Arrests of Anarchists & Radical Leftists In Egypt

Anonymous | 07.09.2014 13:09 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Emergency call-out for international solidarity for anarchists & radical leftists facing severe repression under military rule in Egypt.

Dear Friends

With the last contact we had with Egyptian Anarchists, they are in an emergency situation

Fascist military regime of Al Sisi / Mubarak more aggressively seeking to arrest all anarchists and any other radical left activists

According to the fascist government’s newspaper, more than 41,000 people have been arrested. Among them there are: “Alaa Abdel Alfatah” very well known blogger, and “Mahienour El-Massry“, a great woman human rights activist, women’s and workers’ rights activist, and also a Progressive lawyer and campaigner against class society

These huge numbers of arrest has happened within less than one year!! It was between July 2013 and May 2014

Repressive military regime continues to arrest all anarchists and any other radical left activists, who were involved in organising any kind of rallies or actions against fascist/military regime, who is supported by CIA-Zionism and other bloody Western powers

The intensity of the past few days has subsequently put so much pressure into the life of our dear comrades, so that the rest of them have been forced to live hidden and going underground

We Middle Eastern anarchists are asking for any kind of supports and solidarity, even if it is only a wide spread of these news

Down with military rule of Al Sisi / Mubarak

!!Abolish the reactionary forces of all religious organizations and religious rulers

!!Destroy all the power of warmongers, including CIA/USA, Zionism, Western powers, Russia and China

For a Free Egypt, Free Middle East and a Free World

Anarchist Network